Estimate when and how your order will arrive, and learn how to prepare for installation.

Shipping Estimates

Playground Structures

Playground structure orders are usually fully complete within three to five weeks after you've placed and paid for your order. Over those weeks, your order will be processed, manufactured and shipped out.

Once you've placed your online order, we’ll contact you within 48 hours to confirm all the details. We'll schedule installation (if you have requested it) and shipment, and process your order.


Parts orders placed online are normally delivered within five to seven business days.


Surfacing orders placed online are normally delivered within seven to ten business days. If surfacing orders are placed in conjunction with equipment, surfacing will be scheduled to deliver following the expected completion of equipment installation.

Site Furnishings

Site furnishing orders placed online are normally delivered within seven to fifteen business days, depending on the type and quantity.



In order to deliver the most cost effective solutions for our customers, we seek and engage the lowest cost freight and/or delivery options available. Most orders ship via common carrier trucking companies or UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, etc., depending upon order size, weight and delivery address. We are not able to deliver to PO Box or APO/FPO addresses. All sales requiring motor freight delivery will be FOB (freight on board/free on board), which means that ownership of goods transfers to the purchaser once the goods are loaded on the truck for delivery. The freight carrier shall be liable for any damage to the equipment that occurs during shipping.

If your order requires delivery via common carrier, your shipping/delivery address must be able to accommodate a large delivery truck, to include delivery by trucks pulling trailers up to 53' in length. Low wires or clearances directly in front of the delivery address may create obstacles to effective delivery. We cannot be held responsible for inaccurate or undeliverable addresses. If this is the case, please contact us for other freight or delivery options.

Products usually arrive 3 - 7 days from the date of departure, and may come in multiple shipments. The customer may be responsible for an additional redelivery fee if the delivery truck arrives, but the customer is not present or able to accept delivery. Unloading and inspection of equipment at the time of delivery is the customer's responsibility. Please note any shortages or damages to the goods on the bill of lading/freight bill you sign to receive the delivery. In the event damage has occurred, we will be happy to assist you with filing a freight claim to receive a replacement product.

We will not replace items unless they are found to be defective, but this obligation is subject to limitations. We do not offer discounts or refunds for late deliveries. Generally, the products we offer ship in the specified time frame. However, bad weather, equipment failure, road hazards and other uncontrollable circumstances may slow your delivery. We will strive to provide you the most up to date information regarding your goods shipment via email or the phone contact information you provide in your customer contact information.

Additional freight services such as two-person delivery, liftgate service or inside delivery are not included in the quoted shipping price unless specifically listed. In most cases, such services are not necessary if adequate personnel are available to assist in unloading. Structures and centers are generally packed on a single skid or in a single crate. These will weigh several hundred to thousands of pounds. The driver will not assist in unloading the delivered freight, unless purchased as an additional service (if available). For any additional freight services, please contact our customer service staff as the fees will vary by carrier and region. There may be additional shipping costs, depending on your specific situation. Please tell us, before you complete your order, if your delivery address is unusual, difficult to locate or requires particular instructions, so we can make the necessary arrangements prior to delivery.

Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada & Mexico

Broker fees, import fees, government duties and taxes are required to receive shipments and are the customer's responsibility. At our discretion, additional shipping costs may apply to orders shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. We will always notify you of any change to the shipping costs and await approval before proceeding with order processing and shipment.

International Deliveries

We are unable to ship overseas. Customers located outside the US may hire an independent forwarding agent, based in the U.S., who can receive your shipment to a U.S. address. We are not responsible for any shipping activities following delivery to your U.S.-based forwarding agent.

Delivery & Unloading

The freight company will typically call you 24 hours before arrival to schedule your delivery. Most orders will ship on pallets and/or in crates via common carrier trucking companies. You may receive multiple shipments to complete your order. The driver will not unload the product from the truck/trailer. If installation services are purchased with your order, our installer will unload the delivered freight. If installation services are not purchased with the order, it will be the customer's responsibility to arrange unloading of goods, to include any equipment (forklift, Bobcat, etc.) or personnel required. In the event the customer is responsible to unload the delivered order, the customer should check to see that the number of cartons, bundles, welded frames, etc. match the indicated quantities noted on the Bill of Lading (BOL) and invoice/receipt before signing for the freight.

If shortages are not noted on the BOL/receipt, replacement pieces may be repurchased at the customer's expense. Damage found after the shipment is unpacked (concealed damage) must be reported to our Customer Service Center within 48 hours of delivery. Please inspect your shipment! Most freight companies allow only 72 hours from receipt to report concealed damage. Digital photos must be taken. If you discover damage of any kind, DO NOT DESTROY ANY ORIGINAL SHIPPING CARTONS. If the condition of delivered freight before unloading indicates possible damage (damage to carton/pallet/crate), take pictures before unloading activities begin.

Damaged Shipments

In rare occurrences, shipments may get damaged during transit. Prior to signing the acceptance from the carrier, inspect all merchandise for damages. If any damage is found, please mark "damaged" on the BOL and reject only the damaged box/item. You cannot file a claim with the freight carrier if damages are not noted on the delivery receipt. If you cannot inspect the merchandise, please note on the delivery receipt "Merchandise received, but not inspected." Damaged merchandise is your responsibility. We will not be liable for incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages. In no event will we be liable for damages beyond the invoiced price. Loss or damage claims must be filed within 48 hours or shipment receipt. We will be happy to assist you with filing a freight claim to receive a replacement product.

Missing Items, Concealed Damage and Replacement Parts

A complete inventory of received and missing parts must be made against the packing list within 48 hours of delivery. Note damaged/missing items on shipping documents before accepting any shipment. In the event a discrepancy exists, please notify us immediately. The manufacturer will not replace missing parts reported more than 48 hours after the arrival of goods. Upon notice of missing/damaged parts, we will contact the appropriate manufacturer(s) to arrange for shipment of replacement part(s) at no charge. We are not the manufacturer of the equipment and thus are not liable or responsible for any damages to the equipment.

Installation & Assembly

Installation is only available for playground structures, except for single-order swing sets and site furnishings. We are happy to install swing sets and site furnishings if they are part of a structure order.

Installation Process

All installation services are contracted and provided through American Playground Construction, a division of APC Brands, Inc., who maintains a national network of certified and insured installers who operate as subcontractors for American Playground Construction. American Playground Construction maintains updated insurance and certification records for all of our installers and will not subcontract an installation to any agent whose certifications or insurance has lapsed or expired. All installation arrangements must be made prior to shipment as installation fees, unless specifically listed in the sales order, are not included online or in sales quotes. Any issues with the installation of purchased equipment should be documented on sign-off of installation work, or communicated in writing to our Customer Service Center within 30 days of the date of install completion. American Playground Construction will be given the opportunity to remedy any issues with the installation. Please note that American Playground Construction is not liable or responsible for the manufacture or warranty of the equipment.

Here are some details to keep in mind if you’re installing your new playground yourself:

  • Ensure proposed play area is free of trash and debris and that area is flat and unobstructed.
  • Ensure line test/marking has been completed by local utilities (electric, water, gas, etc.) and any sprinkler heads within the proposed play area have been capped or removed.
  • Ensure your site is accessible for an 18-wheeler (delivery) and a Bobcat (installation).
  • Ensure removal of existing play equipment is completed prior to beginning of installation activities.
  • Ensure all necessary permits have been obtained and are present at the job site.
  • If you are constructing on land such as grass or dirt, you will need to dig holes for support posts. Secure the posts with cement and let it cure before continuing construction.
  • Surface mounts will be needed to secure structures constructed on cement.
  • Attach all rails, decks, panels and slides.
  • Install the roof (if one was included).
  • Spread the surfacing materials. Loose fill surfacing may not be used to cover hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt (ASTM and CPSC). Only unitary surfaces and safety tiles are allowed in these situations.


Unless otherwise noted, all products are delivered unassembled. All products are shipped with detailed installation and assembly instructions. The customer's installation and assembly does not affect the warranty. If you have questions concerning installation or assembly, please contact one of our representatives for assistance. If installation services are not purchased from us in conjunction with the equipment, they may be purchased at a later date, but scheduling will be subject to installer availability. If customer assembles/installs equipment on their own, it is expected the customer will hire or engage qualified resources to complete installation according to manufacturer instructions and in compliance with the standards established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM).