Safety Tiles

Safety Tiles for Playgrounds

Pricing begins at $34 per 2' x 2' tile. Additional expenses will include, but are not limited to: reducer ramps, adhesive or connectors, freight, and must be installed over concrete or asphalt.

***Pricing subject to change

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Safety Tiles

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Rubber tiles offer superior shock absorption characteristics, low maintenance, long wear and accessibility. Rubber Tile Surfacing features a high-quality granular formulation offering a resilient base for years of play and enjoyment.

Tiles are available in solid colors (2-1/4" and 3-3/4" thickness) or exciting multi-colored tiles (2-1/4" thicknesses). Various edging tile options are available, including ADA accessible ramp tiles.

Tiles are the easiest of the solid surfaces to repair, If a tile is damaged, it can be removed and replaced easily. Although self installation is possible, professional installation is recommended, unless you have some prior experience.