Poured-in-Place Surfacing

Poured in Place

Minimum order of 2,000 square feet required.

***Pricing subject to change

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Poured-in-Place Surfacing

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A unique combination of EPDM rubber granules and a cushion layer of shredded recycled rubber tires utilizing a European polymer that is poured in place on site providing a seamless surface for endless applications – Primarily providing critical fall height protection for children on playgrounds (NOTE: shock absorbing surfaces can help disperse the momentum of a falling body or head, thus, reducing the risk of life threatening injuries).

Safety Surface can also help you realize creative designs with patterns and graphics that other surface applications cannot achieve. Includes materials and installation most anywhere in the country and backed by a full warranty.

Product Highlights

Seamless, slip resistant, drains quickly & easy to maintain
ASTM & ADA approved
Can be installed both indoor or outdoor
Proven durability
Materials are finest EPDM peroxide cured granules and 100% polyurethane binder
Professionally installed
Handicap Accessible


Jogging Tracks
Pool Decks
Fitness Trails