Snug Play Beginner System

Includes: 2 Wave pieces, 2 Bump pieces, 1 Cone, 2 Wall Pieces, 1 Pad, 1 Spider, 10 Noodles
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Snug Play Beginner System

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The Snug Play Beginner System takes building blocks to the next level with an engaging collection of soft and hard textured pieces that transform your playground, preschool or playroom into a young builder's paradise. We have a commercial playground equipment system to give children a constructive outlet.

This fun play series provides a collection of playground bundles with interactive pieces that children love to experiment with. Remember the joy of building your own fort out of pillows or furnishings? Children are natural planners and builders, and they enjoy the opportunity to learn spatially by trial and error, adapting designs and methods to achieve unique configurations.

From a social perspective, the Snug Play Beginner System is capable of occupying 20-30 children at one time with a variety of interlocking hard and soft flexible pieces. Kids learn quickly how to lead, follow and even negotiate building outcomes and vision with their peers. Supervisors, teachers and parents can challenge children to build on theme or use some of the inspiration provided in the Ten Play Inspiration activity cards (see below).

Product Specifications
2 x wave pieces
2 x bump pieces
1 x cone piece
2 x wall pieces
1 x pad piece
1 x spider piece
10 x noodle pieces
20-30 child capacity

Need help with ideas on using the Snug Play Beginner System? The interactive kit comes complete with activity cards created by child educators that provide prompts on stimulating interest and active learning. Ten Play Inspiration activity cards are included with your Snug Play Beginner System to challenge and inspire their imaginations.

Concerned about storage and clean up? Order the Snug Play Storage Unit to conveniently organize and neatly store pieces in between play. Add unique pieces and expand your play possibilities with other Snug Play systems, and augment your collection with more unique shapes and elements to create a truly educational play experience.

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