Laguna Hills

Featured components: Ball Turn Panel, Tic Tac Toe Panel, Punching Bags, Bouy Ball, Two Level Spiral Slide

• Age Group: 2-12
• Child Capacity: 38
• Dimensions: 12’6” x 16’6” x 10’6”

sku: 7277-2
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Laguna Hills - Indoor Playground Equipment - APCPLAY

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The Laguna Hills indoor play system features ball turn panel, tic-tac-toe panel, verticle squeeze, punching bags, buoy ball, observation crawl, web crawl, two-level spiral slide.

Our indoor play structures make great playgrounds for restaurants, amusement parks, schools, community centers, child care facilities and water parks. Our indoor playgrounds provide children ages 2 to 12 years old with a secure protective environment suitable for challenging and exploring their own capabilities.

The multi-color look of the playgrounds are designed with imagination, technology and experience in mind. These playground units offer a safe haven for children through use of our top quality materials and our enclosed play structures.

APCPLAY is a leading provider of both indoor and outdoor commercial playground equipment. We have everything you need to create a community destination, including site furnishings, shades, shelters, and more. We can also provide turn-key installation services as well as shipping rates. Just call 1-888-401-6446 for a FREE quote.

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