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Playground Design: How to Create a Balance between Group and Independent Play

July 16, 2014 |


Adding Independent Play items to a playground

Children need the opportunity to engage socially and cooperatively with their peers in outdoor play.  But intuitively designing a playground requires a balance between social activities that require coordination and group play, and independent activities which allow children to develop personal strengths, critical thought, and to exercise their imagination.

At APCPLAY© we provide a number of quality independent play options to help you create that perfect balance in your park or playground.  Whether encouraging imaginative play, physically challenging exercise, or the development of important hand-eye dexterity skills, we have stand-alone playground structures and elements to make your park fun!

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More Than Aesthetic: Playground Surfacing Adds Safety

July 7, 2014 |


Why do you need playground surfacing

While playground surfacing can add architectural interest to your outdoor space with a variety of materials and vibrant color options, it is more than just a decorative feature.   When it comes to playground safety, we recommend that you plan from the ground up.


Playground surfacing creates an additional level of safety when installed below commercial playground structures, and there are a number of different types of surfacing to choose from.  Each surfacing type offers protection against injury, while some offer superior protection and long term value with few maintenance needs once installed.

At APCPLAY© we offer quality playground surfacing options for your budget.

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